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Election Madness

Bash your election opponent to pieces with dozens of attacks, taunts, and objects at your dispense!

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Irish Rage

Irish Rage is a funny game for St Patrick's Day where you fight as many Irish buddies as you can to access new levels and drink beers to unlock fun cheats. Hilarious and challenging.

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Yan Loong Legend 2:3rd Impact

This is the 4th edition of Yan Loong Legend series, improved the operating style to make it more smooth.Added Roll dodge to make battles more technical.Added striker system like the king of fighters,do more hits while fighting the Boss the more probable the Boss will becomes your striker,the striker system can bring more various combos. Added new boss and new stages,improved the main characters' skills,that can bring player a complete new exprience.

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ORCS are tough, mean and ugly right? But not all of them are the bad guys.
This ACTION-RPG explores the life of a PEON as he fights for freedom and revenge.

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Lightsaber Battles 3D

Ever wanted to use a lightsaber? Now you can play as your favorite action characters using lightsabers to battle it out in 3d rendered environments!

Fast-paced fighting action, a full story and versus mode, and gorgeous 3d graphics await you in Lightsaber Battles.

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Jesus: The Arcade Game

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Knights Beasts & Magic 2

A Veil of Darkness is Shadowing your land.
The beasts have taken your people by surprise. Their
destruction was violent, merciless, and swift.
The fate of your kind is under your command. You
must engage these enemies in battle in every region of
your kingdom. If you have the fortitude, cunning, and
resilience to overcome these beasts you will be victorious.
If not, the beasts wont rest until they have devoured
all life here.

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Gain the beauty, magic, and power of Aurora the Viking way.

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Political Death Match

Who is your favorite American politician ? Can he defeat the others in the bloody death match. Well now its time to show who is the winner...

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Sumo-BZ by yesgamez.com

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