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Adventure of a Lifetime

Angelina was kidnapped in the middle of the night when she was walking home.
Tamik, her boyfriend, must find a way to rescue her.

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Choose Your Weapon 4

The virus is back, and this time you have 20 different weapons to choose from. Plus, they're all unlocked! Choose the best ones for each level and eliminate the virus!

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Portal Wars

Pit game portal vs.game portal to see who is the superior site.

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Quest For Power

It is the year 867 A.D. and you play the part of a young boy called Arthur, who dreams of being King!

Help Arthur create and command an army to defeat 7 kings and queens who rule the land!

Travel across 14 unique levels. Use your powerful catapult to hurl boulders and magical potions at the enemies armies and defenses!

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Feudalism II

Conquer the world, make it tremble before your feet in the largest and most complex RPG / Action Combat hybrid ever made!

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Mad Cupid - 好人卡大作战 cn

It's a love-fighting game. You have to court the pretty blonde's love by pitching your hearts to hit her. You can move and pitch by direction touches, boost your power by holding SPACE, and release killer by touching H.

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the green

a fast paced action/fighting game set in space

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It's hammer time!!!
Goblins are everywhere, and you're the last Dwarf standing. Whack them, use bombs, special attacks, magic potions and more. Collect gold to buy powerful runes and unique abilities. Will you survive 20 levels of gob-whacking fury?

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Toy Massacre

Woodsy the psychotic toy has built a lovely block castle. Unfortunately, the other toys in the room want to destroy his creation. You're objective is to stop the other toys from stealing blocks by chopping them into little pieces. If a block is taken, chase down the offending toy, kill it and then drag the block back to your castle.

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It's an anti-terrorist Black Ops mission, soldier. Take no prisoners.

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