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You are in the command of a machine gun tower and you are raided by mad sheep and enemy warriors. Your mission is to shoot them down.

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Attack of the Furries

25 wave version of Attack of the Furries for general release.

Attack of the Furries is a Turret Defense game with RTS (real time strategy) elements.

Features include:

* Resource management in the form of gold mining, power generation and research generation.

* More than twenty different creep types (each in 3 colors).

* Resource drills which are used to find where the resources are hidden on the map.

* Creeps can drop special ability tiles that give all following creeps special abilities.

* Egg laying creeps that hatch into flying creeps.

* Eight turret types which can be upgraded upto 5 times.

* Research labs which generate R&D (research and development) and are used to research more than a dozen upgrades.

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Master of Security

The goal of the game is to protect your software from harmful threats: adware, spyware, viruses, etc.
To kill security invaders you must build security shields on the game desktop. All invaders, except viruses, can’t go through the shields.

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Vector Siege Tower Defense

A cool rpg-style tower defense game with lots of unlockable stuff

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Gem Tower Defense

Gem Tower Defense is a great tower defense game, where you can combine your towers (gems).

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Baby TD

This baby-themed tower defense is no child’s play. You’ll have to learn how to use your different towers effectively to pacify all 40 waves of babies.

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The monkeys have been released and are taking over the world, use your towers to stop them, their friends the vampire pandas, Killer robots and the accountants of death.

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Bugzilla TD

Protect the meadow from the evil insects and prevent them from destroying the croft.

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First Wave


Code red! Code red! A batch of bionically enhanced nanobugs have escaped the laboratory in a secret army facility. This is the last chance to defeat them before they escape the confines of the military site and invade the ecosystem.

Since nanobugs can hardly be seen with regular microscope, the army has prepared a special set of nanoweapons. Your mission is to plant these strategically near the path of your enemy. At the same time you have to mind the budget of the operation. The government will give more money if you're victorious.


On the right hand side of the screen are inventory and statistics. From here you are able to purchase, sell and update your nanoweapon stock. The statistics tell you how much money you have and how many men you have left before the operation fails. Also there are the statistics and cost for nanoweapons and updating them.

Clicking on the weapon will pop up the statistics: what's the operating radius, how much damage it does and so on. Dragging the weapon on the warzone will show you graphically the radius. After that clicking the weapon on the warzone will seal your purchase. You are also able to choose the weapon after you have placed it and either sell or update it.

On lower part of the right hand side of the screen you have the timer and level counter. Once the timer vanishes completely, a new wave of nanobugs enter the screen. If you are not fast enough you'll end up having multiple waves on the warzone at the same time.

Good luck, soldier, and remember, only the strong survive!

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Massive Space Tower Defense

Massive tower defense game! Protect your planet from hundred and thousand of creeps by building turrets.

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