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Fortress Guardian

Protect your people and your city walls from the evil clan of orcs. Accumulate gold and points to upgrade your weapons and your skills.

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Gummy War

Humans have disrupted the peace of a little pink planet with their toxic waste. Now these beings are seeking revenge. Protect our planet from the incoming pink gummy aliens and save our pitiful human lives.

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Mix of strategy and shooting in medieval defense game. Defend your city from the invading ships. Use different types of cannons and ammo to sunk them!

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Pin-up Shooter

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Gingerbread Circus

The circus is in town and you're putting on the knife throwing show!

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Fight Artificial Intelligence set on destroying what is left of human existence in a virtual world of chaos. Several levels of shooter action with equipment upgrades.

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Last Bullet

Shoot the targets and test your aim

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Welcome to Shoot'm, the incredible shooting game where it is your goal to earn the most money by beating up Stickman with over 30 different weapons and explosives.

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Zombie Man 2

The world has gone to hell, and the zombies are taking over. In this game you play both human and zombie.

You can only change from human to zombie and back again 5 times.

Mission or survival modes. Mission objective points shown on the map.

If you are changed from your primary form during a mission, you have a free play (go nuts) period until you change back and continue on your mission.

Avoid drain covers, you fall in them and lose hitpoints.

You can only kill the zombie dog with a mine.

Watch out for crazy robots.

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