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О игре: You play as a fox that wakes up from a strange dream, what does the dream mean? You have to find out!
Paws is a beautiful adventure with a combo-based fighting system. Dash the enemies and then grab them in mid-air to enter combat mode and finish them off with one of the combos!

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Инструкция по игре. Left / Right or A / D = Move.
Up or W = Jump.
Down or S = Dash to attack an enemy.
Space = Pause.

When in combat:
Right or D = Punch.
Up or W = Bite.
Left or A = Kick.
Down or S = Finish combo.

Difficulty can be changed in the options menu.


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  2. катя:

    игра супер она такая красивая!

  3. Kim:

    Shoot, so that’s that one spupseos.

  4. Cyelii:

    Super infomratvie writing; keep it up.

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