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Bloons Supermonkey

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О игре: Take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves. Collect and use Power Blops to upgrade Super Monkey in three different skill paths. Watch out for super powerups and make sure you score at least Bronze in each wave to advance to the next. Good luck!

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Инструкция по игре. Move mouse to control Super Monkey, hit ESC to bring up upgrades screen and to pause the game.

Super Monkey fires non-stop automatically - after all, he is Super Powerful.


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    Лучше игры нет!

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    э да

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    миша фарнин

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    игры супер пупер

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    класнее игры нет насвете

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    Dag naibbt good stuff you whippersnappers!

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    Hey, kliler job on that one you guys!

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    You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it bteetr.

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